Five Apps for Mental Health to Survive the Pandemic

Craig Cortez


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Coronavirus has brought uncertainty into our lives, affecting most people negatively and causing a lot of terrible daily news. Of course, this does not pass without a trace for our psyche. People feel a certain amount of pressure and anxiety every day. How to protect your mental health? We have compiled a selection of 5 evidence based mental health apps to help you reduce your stress.

Choose One to Feel Better 

Here we have five apps for your mental health. They can help you to get rid of anxiety or simply distract yourself from negative thoughts with benefits. 


This application aims to teach the user not to distance themselves from their feelings and enjoy life. Happify helps break the habit of negative thinking and teaches you to look at the world in a new, positive way. Simple exercises are disguised as simple games that the creators came up with, relying on scientific research on the psychology of happiness. Free at first, the app eventually offers a monthly or yearly subscription.

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It's one of the free apps for mental health, invented by a Buddhist monk from England, Andy Padicomb. He set out to popularize meditation, and over the years, his startup has grown to a large community and app of the same name. The beautiful and straightforward Headspace helps you choose a meditation program to your taste, depending on the circumstances and free time. You can read about how exactly meditation helps our consciousness on the website. 


MoodTools offers to record your emotions, events that happened to you during the day, and your reaction to them. It also contains useful self-help information and even YouTube videos on the topic. The appendix provides a particular plan in case of suicidal thoughts and disaster prevention. It is a helpful way to collect a variety of information about yourself, analyze yourself, or show a specialist that it will never be superfluous.

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Pacifica also helps you remember your emotions and analyze them. Still, it offers two ways to use this information: set yourself goals or use meditation for breathing out and calming yourself. Completing small but intimidating tasks has a tremendously positive effect on the psyche and helps build a new approach to their implementation, even for those with anxiety levels.


This app helps you control your mood. It's created by the developers of the mobile game "Monument Valley" and psychologists from Thriveport. They teamed up to make Moodnotes, which helps you analyze your emotions and fight depression. You have to describe everything you feel, but over time, you end up with a whole diary. An excellent electronic journal should be based on a scientific basis, be comprehensible and beautiful. The Moodnotes app meets these requirements.

Keep Calm and Analyze

Our list of apps is aimed at helping you analyze and maintain your mental health. Meditation, exercise, and emotional recording throughout the day can significantly improve your well-being. Share your methods of dealing with stress and anxiety in the comments. Please share this information with your friends to help them. Subscribe to find out about more fascinating and useful apps.